Has the following happened to you?

  • You’ve been delayed on site because your safe work systems haven’t been approved by your client
  • You work for major contractors who request a better SWMS on every project
  • You work on projects worth over $250,000
  • You’ve had a series of incidents on site
  • You’re tired of going back to site for rework

SHOES provides:

  • Safety systems and SWMS to get you started on site on time
  • Updates and changes required by major contractors
  • Site specific safety plans
  • Incident investigation
  • Audits, safety, quality and environment

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It seems anywhere you go nowadays you cannot avoid any mention of the Carbon Tax, recently passed in the Lower House by the Gillard Government and scheduled to come into effect in July 2012. Yet as much controversy and confusion it has created, many still are unaware just what it is or what it means, […]

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Everyone knows of the long-heralded Sun Smart message to ‘slip, slop, slap.’ However, some still don’t realise that this message is also a major part of maintaining a healthy workplace for those who happen to perform work duties outside. Those especially at risk include construction workers, postal workers, police and traffic officers, farmers and other […]

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